New Shower Trends


New Shower Trends to Revamp Your Bathroom

At Affordable 1 Day Bath, serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we’re constantly keeping an eye on the latest bathroom remodeling trends to bring innovative and stylish solutions to our clients. 

As a 5-star rated and fully insured company, we specialize in providing top-quality services, including showers, replacement bathtubs, and accessible baths. This year, several exciting new shower trends have emerged, promising to transform your bathroom into a modern sanctuary. Here’s what’s making waves in 2024:

Eco-Friendly Features

With an increasing focus on sustainability, eco-friendly shower features are becoming a priority for homeowners. Here are a few trends that are both stylish and environmentally conscious:

  • Water-saving shower heads: New technologies allow for significant water conservation without sacrificing water pressure.
  • Recycled materials: More manufacturers are crafting beautiful shower enclosures and fixtures from recycled glass and metals.
  • Digital showers: These allow users to control the flow and temperature precisely, reducing waste.

Minimalist Designs

Minimalism continues to dominate bathroom design, emphasizing clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Frameless glass shower enclosures are particularly popular, offering a sleek and seamless look that enlarges the appearance of the bathroom. The trend also leans towards hidden drains and discreet shelving to maintain the minimalist vibe.

Smart Showers

Smart home technology is making its way into the bathroom with showers that offer customizable settings for temperature, water flow, and even mood lighting. These smart showers can be controlled via smartphones or voice-activated devices, providing a high-tech, personalized shower experience.

Statement Tiles

While minimalism might dominate the overall design, statement tiles are becoming a popular choice to add personality and vibrance to shower spaces. Bold patterns, interesting textures, and vibrant colors can turn a simple shower into the centerpiece of a bathroom. Here are a few types that are gaining popularity:

  • Large-format tiles: These create a smooth, continuous look with fewer grout lines.
  • Geometric patterns: Hexagons and chevrons add a modern twist to any shower space.
  • Nature-inspired designs: Floral and greenery motifs connect the indoors with the natural world outside.

Luxury Finishes

High-end finishes like matte black, brushed gold, and antique bronze are on the rise. These finishes are not only durable but also add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your shower. When paired with the right lighting, they create an inviting and warm atmosphere.

At Affordable 1 Day Bath, we’re excited to help you bring these trends into your home. Whether you’re looking to install a new shower, replace your bathtub, or require a complete bath conversion, we have the expertise to ensure a seamless transformation. Ready to modernize your bathroom? Give us a call at (214) 705-3307 and let’s discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

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and $2,500 OFF All Walk-in Tubs

Financing Options Available!